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Giant Straw Hat Trend


Posted on July 16 2018

Giant Straw Hat Trend

Forget your usual summer fedora, large Straw hats are here, and in a big way! This season it is all about ¨The Bigger The Better¨when it comes to straw hats and you may already have seen it all over your Instagram feed.

It all started with the Jacquemus spring 2018 ¨La Bomba¨collection that included "Le Grand Chapeau Bomba " or as we know it, the giant straw hat that everyone is currently raving about. Other brands that debuted hats with overzised brims include Gucci, Sensi, Off White,   Olmos & Flores, Missoni and Delpozo. Each of these fashion houses presented their own version of this trend from paper folded giant hats to more feminine pieces that can be tied below the chin. But none of them delivered the impact of high editorial feel as much as the giant straw hat from Jacquemus. Check out below some of our favorite fashion bloggers sporting this trend!

do not disturb 🍏 @hotelartsbarcelona

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As the giant straw hat is a daring style that may not be for everyone, you can opt for a smaller version and create an equally chic look. A unique hat is an accessory that can truly set you apart from the crowd at any occasion. Wear it in a stand-out way like Annalisa De Martino did with our Large Straw Fashion Hat.


Vintage babe’👒✨🌿 . . . . { hat @buyandpossess

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Nowadays accessories have become more crucial than ever. And there is no better way to make a style statement than wearing a unique headpiece. No fashion blogger knows it better than Sarah Loven. Her Instagram feed is filled with gorgeous style picks and a signature look that you can spot a mile off. When asked, ¨What is your style advise on wearing a hat¨, she replied ¨A hat can take an average outfit and make it iconic. Don´t be afraid to choose a straw hat that makes a statement!¨ See below some of her best looks.


Few fun reasons why you should opt for this piece:


First off, they´re super large – which will come in handy to protect yourself from the sun

If you are an introvert, having an accessory of this scale is a must!

Instead of dragging an umbrella with you everywhere you go, the giant straw hat will be a great replacement

You will make the most amazing images!

Other unique straw hats you may like:

What are your thoughts on wearing a statement hat? Do you love the giant hat trend? We would love to hear your thoughts!


  • Patricia: September 17, 2018

    Muy fan de los sombreros XXL!

  • Nina: August 30, 2018

    Really nice instagram pictures!! I’ll search them!! Haev agreat day! xx

    La ilusión de Nina –

  • Nina: August 01, 2018

    I love them! They are really cool!
    Have agreat day!
    La ilusión de Nina –

  • Carol Vega: July 30, 2018

    I LOVE hat, I can’t life without them. amazing pictures btw

    kisses dear

  • A Trendy Life: July 30, 2018

    I love these big hats.

  • Dorota: July 29, 2018

    Well, the hat can add a lot of style to the entire outfit – let’s just look at Brits who simply love hars. Straw hats remind me heavilty of the beach (as a sun protection they’re perfect – and from what I see in your post they can also be used for regular outfits – and with great success!

  • Ingrid : July 28, 2018

    Such a cool trend! I bought a large floppy straw hat with some writing on it!

  • Paco T: July 25, 2018

    nice idea, those hats are amazing!!

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